PhD Student in Bioinformatics

Development of methods for cancer detection from cell-free DNA in blood samples:

When cells die, fragments of their DNA may enter the blood stream. This DNA is extracted from blood plasma and whole-genome sequenced. General differences in fragment distributions of healthy and sick subjects are used to detect cancer.

R Package Development

Development of open source R packages such as groupdata2, cvms, rearrr and xpectr.

Have written multiple tutorials and book chapters. What good are tools if no one can use them?

Music Production

Multiple albums and EPs. Latest:

Når Du Går by FLÕR (EP, 2023)
Mix and co-production.

Had & Hormoner by Navlebeskuer (EP, 2022)
Personal solo project.

Effective Altruism

Movement to optimize careers and resource use for highest positive impact.

Active in Effective Altruism Aarhus.

Involved with to enable Danish citizens to donate to the most effective charities per GiveWell.


“Had & Hormoner” (2022) is the newest EP in the Navlebeskuer universe.

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“Når Du Går” (2023) by FLÕR.
Mix and co-production.

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Speech-and text-based classification of neuropsychiatric conditions in a multidiagnostic setting

L Hansen et al.
Nature Mental Health, 2023

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TextDescriptives: A Python package for calculating a large variety of metrics from text

L Hansen, LR Olsen, K Enevoldsen
JOSS, 2023

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Linking the puzzle pieces of the past: a study of relational memory in children with autism spectrum disorder

RLH Mogensen, MB Hedegaard, LR Olsen, L Gebauer
Autism Research, 2020

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The electroretinogram b-wave amplitude: a differential physiological measure for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Irene O Lee, et al.
Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 2022

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Practical Machine Learning with R: Define, build, and evaluate machine learning models for real-world applications (Book, chs 4+5)

BP Jeyaraman, LR Olsen, M Wambugu
Packt Publishing, 2019

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groupdata2: Creating groups from data (R package)

LR Olsen
CRAN, 2017

See GitHub

cvms: Cross‐Validation for Model Selection (R package)

LR Olsen, HB Zachariae
CRAN, 2019

See GitHub

rearrr: Rearranging Data (R package)

LR Olsen
CRAN, 2020

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xpectr: Generate Expectations for 'testthat' Unit Testing (R package)

LR Olsen
CRAN, 2020

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  • PhD Student, Aarhus University (Current)
  • MSc in Cognitive Science, Aarhus University
  • BSc in Cognitive Science, Aarhus University


  • Research Stay, Genome Institute of Singapore
  • Machine Learning Specialist, Cercare Medical
  • Machine Learning Researcher, UNSILO


8 years


8 years

Machine Learning

Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow

Natural Language Processing

Data Cleaning, Transfer Learning, Modeling

Computer Vision

Deep Learning, Data Augmentation

Music Production

Writing, Recording, Mixing




Wordpress, Bricks Builder

  • Plot Confusion Matrix Web App

    August 20, 2023
    Some years ago, I was looking to plot a set of confusion matrices. Looking at the available plotting functions, I…
  • Artwork: Winter 2018

    August 20, 2023
    A small collection of digital collages from the winter 2018.