Single: Tom Parentes by Navlebeskuer

My new single in the Navlebeskuer universe, Tom Parentes, is finally out on the 3rd of February, 2024! A declaration of love and a release from constant self-absorbtion, it starts with intimate vocals and ends in a triumphant explosion of guitars, synths and strings.

Cover art for the Tom Parentes single by Navlebeskuer
Cover Art for Tom Parentes by Navlebeskuer

Probably my best production so far, the song was written about 10 years ago and produced iteratively over the years. At the beginning of last year, I finally managed to finish the mix in a hotel room in Singapore, having just arrived for my 6-month stay. Actually, the release date is exactly one year from my arrival (coincidental). After 10 years, allowing myself to let go of the song was a great start to my stay there! The single was mastered by Holger Lagerfeldt.

Some years ago, I invested in the VSX headphone system by Steven Slate Audio which let me mix anywhere with better results than with my main speakers in my home studio (i.e. living room). It has really helped me improve as a mixer, e.g. in my work with the FLĂ•R EP. The headphones emulate sitting in some top-class studios with very expensive speakers, and for the most part it works wonderfully. It’s crazy how much it helps to be able to trust your ears when mixing 🙂

Creating the cover art was a combination of AI generation with Midjourney, upscaling with Magnific, and many hours of Photoshop work. The initial idea was to create a wedding in a prehistoric world in front of two obelisks (2001 – A Space Oddysey-style) representing a set of empty parentheses (Tom Parentes). I ended up pretty happy with the result.

Lyrics for Tom Parentes

Er du klar?
Til at være min

Vil du med mig?
Ned i de dybere lag
Ingen kan rive os op derfra i dag

Jeg gør intet halvt
Dig vil jeg helt
Dobbelt endda
Mit liv er dit
Mit blod mĂĄ du ta’

Jeg troede
At jeg skulle lede
Men dig vil jeg følge
Bare være tilstede

Jeg var optaget af
At opleve mig selv
Men en tom parentes
Forbliver ikke spændende vel?

Nej, en tom parentes
Der ville følges og ses

Ja, er du klar?
Til at være min

Vil du med mig?
Ned i de dybere lag
Ingen kan rive os op herfra i dag

Text and music by Ludvig Renbo Olsen, 2024