Plot Confusion Matrix Web App

Some years ago, I was looking to plot a set of confusion matrices. Looking at the available plotting functions, I found them limited and a tad uninspiring – so I set out to create my own plotting function. After weeks of work, I had a quite advanced function with high tweakability that I released as part of my cvms R package.

Now, a problem with a highly tweakable function is that the vast array of options can be hard to get an overview of as a new user. A graphical user interface would likely increase usability quite a lot and allow humans without R programming skills to also use the plotting function in their work. So that is what I created. A web application for plotting confusion matrices.

The user simply uploads their data in one of 4 ways, select a design template and press Generate. If they wish to make changes to the design there’s plenty of tweakability, and they can even download the final settings for reuse on future plots – or for sharing with collaborators, etc.

The app is implemented using Streamlit and hosted on Huggingface Spaces.