Untoggle inline output in RMarkdown in RStudio

A lot of my class mates found themselves frustrated when updating to the newer versions of RStudio, because the output started showing inline, below the code, instead of in the console or Plots window as usual. Personally I like being able to see the output and the code at the same time, so I found out how to change back. It was pretty easy:

  • Go to RStudio » Preferences » R Markdown
  • Now untoggle the “Show output inline for all R Markdown documents”

RMarkdown: turn off inline output

  • Restart RStudio and everything should work as before.

There are of course advantages to keeping the output inline as well. Being able to scroll through the R Markdown file and see not only the code but also the output is nice. I usually just knit to html for this, but that can take quite some time if it is a long script or if there is a lot of plotting going on, etc. Switching between inline and the old way is also a useful option.